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O-3000 camera

O-3000 Cameras and VisionBox  

For almost 10 years, Stettbacher Signal Processing AG has been developing and selling own cameras and vision systems. The trigger of self-development was the hassle with poorly documented closed-source solutions on the market, which bind the user to the supplier.
The systems developed by Stettbacher are generally open-spec and open-source. This means that all the information relevant to the user are available and, above all, the drivers and sample programs are provided with source code, in order that anyone can use this code and adapt it to their own needs without having to start from scratch. In addition, the code can be compiled for each target system, hence there are no barriers in this respect.

The O-3000 camera products have now their own website. We think this step simplifies the navigation and of course we hope you like the new O-3000 website.

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