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The O-3000 camera is very compact, available for a long time and is designed for industrial operation. In addition, the interface specification and all driver sources are disclosed. Therefore, the camera is particularly suitable for the following application areas:

  • Embedded Systems, Embedded Solutions.
  • Machine Vision, Process Monitoring.
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Monitoring, Safety, Defense.
  • Measurement Technology, 3D-vision.


Application Examples Machine Vision
Open-source Picture Processing

Pattern, face or edge detection can be easily realized with the open-source library OpenCV. More about this can be found in the articles "Camera for embedded applications" in Polyscope and "Camera with open-source picture processing" in Current Technology.

Drop Detection in Textile Testing Device

In Textest's FX-3000 IV textile tester, the camera is used in conjunction with picture processing to detect water droplets, see the article "Droplets detected, Rain banished" in Current Technology.

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