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Our Story

Stettbacher Signal Processing AG (SSP) was founded in the mid 90’s by Dr. Jürg M. Stettbacher in Zurich/Switzerland after realizing that there were hardly any methods and applications for digital signal processing known in the industry and companies could only benefit very little from this powerful technology. At that time Jürg Stettbacher worked as a scientific employee at the Signal and Information Processing Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

In the first few projects SSP above all dealt with training and consulting. But very soon the customers wished for a more intensive collaboration. Next to the numeric modeling and simulation of systems and the outline of algorithms, SSP also came to realize and implement the theoretical results into devises and apparatuses.

What We Do

Since around 2000 Stettbacher Signal Processing AG offers a wide range of services regarding the development and implementation of embedded systems and devices. The company holds a wide and deep expertise and long-time experience in the fields of circuit and hardware design, microprocessors and DSP’s, FPGA and VHDL, software engineering, operating systems, embedded and real-time linux, system integration etc. The strength of the company is in the combined ability to develop solid theoretical fundamentals and then to put the results and perceptions into practice.

Come and get to know our team

Anne Angerer

Dipl. Ing. FH Mechatronik
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Hans Blaser

Bmc Blaser management consulting gmbh
Board of Directors

Patrick Brunner

Dipl. El. Ing. FH
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Ivan Decurtins

B.Sc. FHO in Elektrotechnik
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Daniel Denzler

B.Sc. FHO in Elektrotechnik
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Felix Frey

Dipl. El. Ing. HTL
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Mike Gysi

B.Sc. FHO in Elektrotechnik
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Philip Hörmandinger

M.Sc. Mechatronic Universität Linz
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Eugen Kielholz

Polymechaniker und Elektroniker EFZ
Head of Production

Petar Knezevic

B.Sc. FHO in Elektrotechnik
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Stefan Kull

B.Sc. FHO in Elektrotechnik
Project Manager Hard-/Software

Matthias Mock

M.Sc. ETH Elektrotechnik & Informationstheorie
Extended Management Board

Rosemarie Reimann


Patrick Roth

Dipl. El. Ing. FH, MAS Business Administration
Extended Management Board

Jonas Schmid

M.Sc. FHO in Engineering
Extended Management Board

Jürg M. Stettbacher

Dr. sc. techn. ETH
Board of Directors & Management Board

Margaret Stettbacher

Management Board

Kris Wyss

B.Sc. HSR IN Elektrotechnik
Project Manager Hard-/Software




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