Focus on Customer Value


Anwendungen, messen

The following list shows some typical application areas and customer segments where SSP operates.<7P

  • Measurement instruments and systems.
  • Testing equipment, quality assurance.
  • Control and monitoring equipment, control systems.
  • Drives and servos.
  • Acoustic and ultrasonic.
  • Medical equipment, pharma.
  • Defense and training.

Our Services  

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We are open to many forms of cooperation, be it advice, be it employee training, evaluation or monitoring of a project or a solution, or is it to develop a whole product or component. We are well prepared for all project phases, from planning through implementation of a project to production. We provide our services in Zürich, in Switzerland, in Germany, Austria and even as far away as in Australia.

Here is our catalog of services:

  • Development of components, devices and systems, including
    - prepare specifications,
    - theoretical considerations,
    - design and realization of electronic circuits and printed circuit boards,
    - implementation of programmable logic,
    - development of software and firmware,
    - construction of simple mechanical components such as housings,
    - creation of production documentation,
    - production and commissioning, repairs.
  • Consulting, advice, assessment in
    - all of our technical fields,
    - project planning and management.
  • Training in the areas of
    - digital signal processing,
    - control and drive technology.
    - Linux, embedded Linux, real-time Linux.

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Stettbacher Signal Processing AG is specialized and has experience in the following disciplines:

  • Digital signal processing, algorithm design, numerical simulation.
  • Digital control, state controller, model-based control.
  • Planning and development of software, realtime, embedded.
  • Linux, embedded Linux, Linux for real-time, driver, network.
  • Analog circuit design, sensor technology, measurement circuits, low-noise, power electronics, power supplies.
  • Digital circuitry, processors, FPGAs, DSPs, embedded PC.
  • Programmable logic, VHDL.
  • Design and layout of printed circuit boards, high speed, EMC.
  • Production planning, production, commissioning, QM.
  • Planning and managing projects.



We support you in the planning and implementation of your individual measurement, control and regulation solution. On request, we can also produce, maintain and, if required, further develop your product ready for sale.

Our tailor-made products - hardware, software and algorithms - make our customers fit for the future: maximum performance, great flexibility, optimal prices.




Project Examples  

You can expect a lot from us: With our support your product will be a success. We have the experience that will take you further. We advise you in technology issues, so your solution will remain up-to-date for many years. We help, if help is needed. Here are some examples:

Emergency: your traditional control technology can not keep up with competition!

Stettbacher Signal Processing AG supports you with experience and vision. Our knowledge and ideas spurs your success. You know your market needs, we provide the technical know-how. Thanks to numerical simulations we are able to quickly show you potential solutions. Keywords: digital controller, state regulators, model-based control, adaptive control, itertive learning control (ILC), inverse control, dead time compensation, etc.

Have you found that your PLC solution gets more and more expensive and still does not provide the flexibility you are looking for?

We develop and produce the controller that fulfills your needs. You tell us your dreams and we realize your dreams: future-oriented, flexible, extensible, modular, cost-optimized, anything is possible. Just talk to us!

Your measurement solution is more expensive than at the competitor's because your accessories are costly and complicated!

When we build a machine controller or a measuring system, we develop the measuring amplifier at the same time and we integrate them directly into the device. This saves costs and wiring. Our strengths: high precision in AC and DC, high stability, programmable measuring ranges, for all common sensor types.

You payed good money for an embedded operating system, but where is your support?

We use embedded Linux, and not just any distribution, but our own! We know our system and our drivers. All of our control systems and measurement devices run Linux. Do you want to benefit from its well-known reliability and stability? We can help.

Do all technical user interfaces have to look ugly and boring?

No, of course not! But some sense for colors and shapes is certainly useful. For machine controllers, we mainly choose graphical displays with touch. They are directly connected to controller (embedded PC running Linux). So we are free to design each user interface as we like it and to modify or extend it at any time.

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