What we can offer you


The company possesses extensive expertise and years of experience in the fields of circuit and hardware design, microprocessors and DSPs, FPGA and VHDL, software engineering, operating systems, embedded and real-time Linux, system integration, etc. The strength of the company lies in its combined ability to develop solid theoretical foundations and then translate the results and insights into practical applications.


Some customers seek our advice on various issues, which may involve feasibility, efficiency, or the optimization potential of a technical solution, including the comparison of multiple approaches and, if necessary, incorporating calculations and simulations. Others choose to have us as technical consultants at their table during internal discussions to prevent errors and misjudgments.


If a customer is unable or unwilling to produce the component we developed, we can step in. Upon request, we, along with our partners, manufacture the electronics, any necessary casing, and additional components such as cables. We handle assembly, commissioning, quality control, as well as testing/calibration, ensuring the delivery of a fully operational device in the end.