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Neu in unserem Sortiment: DIA-Flex

The intelligent camera is an independent All-in-One Image Processing System. The system provides everything you need to develop and bring your image processing project to production readiness.

Stettbacher's Stereo Kamera


Stettbacher Signal Processing offers proprietary industrial cameras for machine vision applications. In our portfolio, alongside our classic O-3000, you'll find mono and stereo cameras tailored for AI applications. The latter are specialized in Vision-at-the-Edge Computing to process large amounts of data in real-time.

Stettbacher's Real Time Localization System based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

The system was developed for the localization of robots in warehouses. By using Ultra Wide Band (UWB), distances between fixed anchors and mobile tags can be calculated robustly and precisely. The ability to use UWB as a communication medium opens new doors...

Stettbacher's Robot Controller

Robot controller

The Robot Controller is an all-in-one solution for autonomous vehicles. The hardware has been specifically designed for the application of autonomous vehicles, offering flexible interfaces to drive motors, safety systems, cloud, and much more.