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Machine controllers, measurement and drive systems, autonomous vehicles, computer vision and machine learning: Stettbacher Signal Processing AG in Dübendorf near Zurich is a center of excellence for challenging control tasks, fast and precise measuring systems and highly dynamic drive solutions. Our 16 engineers are specialized in planning, designing and realizing customer- and application-specific electronic devises for mainly industrial and technical use.  This includes calculations and numeric simulations, e.g. of complicated physical or mechanical processes, development of optimized hardware, software as well as production. Stettbacher Signal Processing AG has been the first company in Switzerland to consistently specialize in services in the field of digital signal processing, the base of modern measurement and control technology, image processing and many more fields.

Our Philosophy

Our customers are perfectly familiar with their market, the requirements and the application of their products. It is their way to success, for many of them even worldwide. We support these mostly small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in the realization of their products. For many of these companies we have been their developing partner for years, meaning we are their development department regarding electronics and algorithm in the widest sense. For others we are a valuable addition to their own resources when it comes to technologies or questions about it.

We, the team of Stettbacher Signal Processing AG, value customer focus and optimized, individual top solutions. Our developments reflect the latest state of technology and seamlessly integrate themselves into the systems of our customers.

    • Development

      Our company has got a broad and deep expertise and long-time experience in the fields of circuit and hardware design, microprocessors and DSP’s, FPGA and VHDL, software engineering, operating systems, embedded and real-time linux, system integration etc. The strength of our company is in the combined ability to develop solid theoretical fundamentals and then to put the results and perceptions into practice.

    • Consulting

      Many customers wish to have advisory sessions regarding their questions. Those refer to the feasibility, the efficiency or the potential for optimization of a technical solution or a comparison of several procedures and, if necessary, it includes calculations and simulations. Some customers wish to involve us in their internal discussions as technical advisors to avoid misconceptions and wrong decisions.

    • Production

      If a customer can’t or doesn’t want to produce the component that was developed by us, we can help. Upon request we produce with our partners the electronics, possible casing, and, if necessary, further parts like cables etc. We install everything, we take over the commissioning and the quality check, the testing and calibration to finally deliver the completed devise ready for use.




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