Process Measuring and Control Technology

Stettbacher Signal Processing AG in Dübendorf near Zürich is the address for demanding and sophisticated machine controllers, measurement and drive systems. Our engineers are experts in the planning and realization of custom-designed electronic equipment for industrial use, including hardware, software and production, in numeric simulations e. g. of physical processes, etc. Stettbacher Signal Processing was the first provider of engineering services with a complete focus on digital signal processing, the fundamental theory behind measurement and control techniques, image processing and many other areas.

Roboter 2020


Autonomous systems

How do they find their own way?

20180508/ Magazines and daily newspapers are currently reporting on successes and setbacks in connection with self-propelled cars, buses, trains and other autonomous systems. In the shadow of these much appreciated engineering achievements, however, a plethora of less spectacular systems have long since emerged that move autonomously and independently seek the right path, avoid obstacles, etc. The most important aspects of autonomous driving are investigated from a technical point of view, especially the finding of the way.

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Rectifiers and inverters with PFC up to 10 kW

Network perturbations according to EN 61000-3-2 under control

Practically every industrial device requires a rectifier on the mains side. Modern drive solutions are based on an inverter. In both cases, the mains standard EN 61000-3-2 applies to rated currents up to 16 A per conductor. It prescribes limit values for harmonic currents. However, conventional diode or thyristor rectifiers can hardly comply with the standard. In addition, passive filters are bulky and expensive. For this reason, electronic PFC (Power Factor Corrector) solutions are used in the majority of applications today. They ensure that the grid currents are sinusoidal and in phase with the voltage.
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New Course 2020

In 2019, we offer courses on Signal Processing, Control Engineering, Information Theory, O-3000 Cameras, etc. The courses are now being held on demand even for one participant. Please contact us per email or phone.
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